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            Green Supply Chain

            Manage suppliers to create sustainable value

            To ensure our suppliers meet the requirements of PureGMS, we regularly hold supplier seminars to announce PureGMS & PureCSR policies, hazardous substance free (HSF) requirements and supplier management policy. Furthermore, suppliers have to pass our audits every year (including manufacturing processes for parts and hazardous substance free requirements).

            We have built an SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) platform. Its purposes include announcement of Green Purchasing Policy and update of the latest news and approved components. Suppliers should upload documents, including Certificate of Non-Use of Hazardous Substances, composition tables or MSDS and third-party test reports. Outsourced suppliers also need to comply with our PureGMS standard.

            HSF document list of Green manufacturing management
            Document No.
            PureGMS HSF Technical Standard
            PureGMS Low-Halogen and Halogen-Free Technical Standard
            The technical standard of Environmental Labels in computer products, Televisions
            The guideline of supplier’s establishment of HSF assurance system
            Operating Standard of Measurement Hazardous Substance by XRF Analyzer for Supplier